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Rewriting the article on

The site offers a video entitled “Rewrite the following article, in French, in your own words, so as not to have duplicate content. Do not make a summary, I want the rewrite to be as long as the original article If the original article had subtitles.

, keep them, rewriting them and retaining the formatting


In this video, the author explains that he wants the original article to be rewritten using different words to avoid duplicate content. He also clarified that he did not want a summary and requested that the rewrite be as long as the original article.

To accomplish this task, it is important to keep the structure and formatting of the initial article. This means that if the original article contains subtitles with the tag

, they must be kept and rewritten while retaining their formatting


Rewriting an article requires a thorough understanding of the topic so that you can rephrase ideas and sentences in an original way. It is important not to simply copy and paste the content of the original article, but to reinterpret it in your own words.

The length of the rewrite is also an important consideration. It is necessary to develop the ideas and arguments in detail to reach a length similar to that of the original article.

In conclusion, rewriting an article in French while avoiding any duplicate content and maintaining the length of the original article is an exercise that requires creativity, understanding and reflection. Respecting the structure and formatting of the initial article is also essential to maintain its coherence and readability.

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