Yomi Denzel is a young entrepreneur specializing in e-commerce and more specifically in dropshipping. His experience allowed him to cross the staggering amount of one million euros in one day. He was recently interviewed by Forbes due to his previous experience.

Yomi is a big fan of passing on his expertise if he is known as an e-commerce mentor. On his Youtube channel, this is exactly what Yomi does, but above all using his completely free training and the most recent version of his premium program: ECOM PRO.

You have come to the right place if you want to know more about Yomi Denzel’s instruction.

yomi denzel ecom pro tm review the best French-speaking e-commerce training

I would like to share with you my thoughts on his two training courses. here is the summary of this page:

Yomi offers a free tutorial.

Yomi Denzel offers free training, unlike many instructors. It contains three videos:

  • Create a store shopify who converts (44 minutes)
  • Make an attractive offer. (24 minutes)
  • Thousands of consumers visit your website every day. (39 minutes)

This is a fantastic place to start. It helps you have a deeper knowledge about dropshipping and how it works.

This free video course can help you get results if you use the methods described.

For those who have not yet decided to purchase Yomi’s ECOM PRO training, I can only suggest that they take advantage of this free course. It allows you to see the instructor’s abilities and form your own opinion.

If you want to know more about this free course, you will find an article that I wrote to describe it and give you my opinion:

Yomi Denzel’s free training was reviewed and demonstrated in this video.

You can watch Yomi Denzel’s three free videos now to get started with dropshipping and learn how to get started without spending any money:

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The ECOM PRO course

Ecom pro Yomi Denzel Member Area

Yomi Denzel presents ECOM PRO (formerly ECPRO ELITE) as the best French-speaking training. Is this what it claims to be? This is the theme of this post.

Let’s start by introducing the ECOM PRO team. Yomi is usually accompanied by Barry, Jimmy and Ulrich, who frequently intervene in week 6. Other professionals are engaged in the third training session, including Fares Benouhiba, Loïc Roussel and Stan Leloup.

E-commerce is Yomi’s main area of ​​expertise. He has helped hundreds of people achieve their goals as a dropshipping consultant. He was accepted into Harvard, the prestigious American institution, once his various ventures proved successful. It was the launch of his YouTube channel that made him known to the whole world. Several of his films have gone viral, earning him a large number of followers. His channel now has more than 230,000 subscribers!

Following his attendance at a Yomi conference, Barry launched his own e-commerce business. In one year, he managed to sell more than $2 million worth of products. He explains his sophisticated branding strategy, which has contributed to his company’s success.

After completing the Yomi training, Jimmy started his own business. He first worked with Instagram celebrities before moving into sponsored posts. He used Google advertising to generate 500,000 euros in sales. He tells us about his strategies for achieving incredible results in the ECPRO ELITE course.

Ulrich specializes in website optimization. He places great emphasis on product and user experience (UX). He presents his favorite methods for getting a professional website without giving up any of your requirements.

Fares specializes in traffic acquisition, particularly on Facebook and Snapchat. He has a long experience in the field, with several million dollars in sales each year. He is one of the most experienced French-speaking experts and is recognized for his expertise in marketing.

Loic is an email marketing pro. What is his area of ​​expertise? Using emails alone, he was able to increase brand sales by 20 to 40%.

Stan is a well-known YouTuber and the author of Your Empire in a Backpack, which focuses on marketing and human psychology.

The ECOM Pro training program is a comprehensive educational program that covers ecommerce and dropshipping from A to Z. To show how comprehensive the program is, I’ve outlined it below. The training is divided into six weeks, each of which focuses on a crucial aspect of e-commerce success.

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Week 1: Everything You Need to Know About Ecommerce

Without a tough-guy mentality, there is no need to start an internet business. This is one of the first things we learn in ECOM PRO training. It is simply a mental attitude with a vision of what will happen. If you’re afraid you won’t be able to do it, it’s very unlikely that you will. However, if you truly believe it is doable, work on yourself, and challenge yourself, you are much more likely to see results. You shouldn’t neglect the e-retailer mentality when you’re starting out.

Yomi saves you time by providing a refresher and in-depth explanation of what dropshipping is and how it works for the more inexperienced. You must notify the IRS of your activity as soon as you receive your first payments. To help you practice dropshipping legally, this process is detailed. The administrative and legal aspects which are lacking in certain courses are not neglected. Accounting and cash management, for example, are the subject of a point by Yomi, taking into account the different legislations of each nation.

To conclude this first week, Yomi Denzel talks about productivity and inspiration. Without these two qualities, you will struggle to succeed. Have you been assured that e-commerce is simple and does not require much effort? I believe you have been deceived… There are no secrets to success. You have to put in the effort, and when you have the right techniques to stay motivated and efficient, it’s much easier.

Week 2: Market, niche and marketing

After that, we get down to business. The first step is to choose a topic. This is where we will target specific consumers, like dog owners. The final step is to submit your offer. Yomi walks us through the best-performing offerings before showing us how to create our own from scratch. After choosing a topic and an offer, you are ready for the product. We must learn to choose a product with high potential and examine the competition to find the winners.

This week’s program features hundreds of examples and provides the keys to marketing that sells, as well as an understanding of customer psychology.

The third week is dedicated to developing a store that sells.

We attack the development of our store during week 3. The website is one thing we cannot neglect. This is where visitors will be taken after clicking on your ad and this is where they will make their purchasing decision. According to Yomi, we need to imagine ourselves as a 12 year old child to develop our website. What he means by this is that you have to take into account the user experience in order to develop a business that works.

Yomi then walks us through the process of opening our store and helps us along the way. Everything is in place. This module is highly self-sufficient. How to set up a store and sell a single product, import items, manage customer service, recover from abandoned carts, send emails, and succeed in marketing are just a few of the many topics covered. It covers how to create a store and sell a single product, import items, manage customer service, recover abandoned carts, send emails, and be successful. We start by addressing the technical elements (hosting, website, etc.) before focusing on the visual aspects (logo, icons, product photos).

Yomi also offers a series of 20 videos to clarify how a certain theme works (Fastlane). With these meticulous lessons, you will be able to get the most out of this theme.

Week 4: Use social media sites to make your first sales.

This training is aimed at both novices and those on a limited budget. We find out how to make your first sale using a free approach that costs nothing. It is better to save some money and then advertise after saving some money.

Then there are several videos that show you how to use Instagram to make sales. We first learn how to set up our business page before connecting with influencers. Influencers are accounts with a large number of followers who can advertise our articles. However, we need to know how to choose the best influencers, contact them and calculate their real value in order to avoid being fooled. We also need to monitor results, develop…

While the focus is on Instagram this week, Yomi has not neglected other social media platforms where prominent personalities have millions of followers. These tactics are unique, unusual, and can help you reach more people.

Starting in week 5, we’ll study Facebook advertising from A to Z.

Yomi is a Facebook marketing expert. He devoted an entire week to this approach to advertising on the social network. In this episode, Yomi reviews the fundamentals of Facebook advertising, after which he explains his strategies for producing ads that sell now. It teaches how to quickly choose and identify the best items in just a few minutes.

If you’ve ever tried Facebook advertising, you know that scaling your ads is a challenge (reaching more potential customers). The trainer explains his unique technique for scaling Lookalikes (to over 100,000 per month) so that your sales explode and Facebook becomes a major traffic source!

Week 6: to continue…

The final week of the course provides additional information. For example, we learn how to establish our own brand, how to automate our store for convenience, and how to develop a strong backend as well as multiply sales through Google Ads and SEO.

This is a six week course which is quite comprehensive. The benefit is that many of the techniques taught in this course can be used for other online businesses as well as some brick-and-mortar businesses.

But that’s not all. The bonuses of this program are what make it so unique. Yomi teaches us how he films his screen as he builds stores from scratch, demonstrating everything without holding back: the process he uses to build his store, his offers, his advertising, etc… what motivate yourself and get started!

Now let’s move on to evaluating the reviews and testimonials before coming to a conclusion.

Yomi Denzel Customer Testimonials and Reviews

ECOM PRO benefits from a large number of good testimonials on the internet. On the training’s private Facebook group, success stories are frequently shared, as shown in the following images:

Yomi Denzel success stories
Yomi Denzel success stories
Yomi Denzel success stories
Yomi Denzel success stories
Yomi Denzel success stories
Yomi Denzel success stories
Yomi Denzel success stories
Yomi Denzel success stories

Finally, and most importantly, the final verdict.

I liked Yomi Denzel’s free training. It allows you to learn the basics of starting an e-commerce business and form your own opinion on Yomi’s educational capabilities. Before you start his paid program, I recommend you watch his free training first.

Do you want to take your dropshipping business to the next level? Looking for more advanced shipping strategies? ECOM PRO training could be right for you.

It can be summarized in a few sentences as follows:

  • Concrete: Yomi does not hesitate to disclose his own strategies, as well as to display his monitor when he creates successful stores.
  • The quality of the content is impeccable! In addition, it is complete and well done!
  • E-commerce training: Training support is attentive and available to help. The Facebook group is a wonderful place to ask questions and share experiences with other e-tailers. For 2022, you benefit from two months of coaching individual with ECOM PRO!

If you are eager to learn and determined to get results, I highly recommend Yomi Denzel’s classes. This is one of the best training programs I’ve ever seen that walks you through every step of building an online store and generating sales.

eCOM PRO has everything you need to succeed. But that is not enough, as I often point out. You have to take action, practice, make mistakes and try again until you succeed!

But it’s doable… Many Yomi students have achieved amazing results in just a few months! You too can act immediately and access the resources below.

The biggest advantages:

Discover Yomi Denzel for free and get started in e-commerce with comprehensive training.

ECOM PRO is a very complete and always updated course.

Explanations (with 2 months of personal coaching) and concrete examples. Yomi is direct, and he happily films his screen so that we can see from A to Z, right down to the sales figures generated.

Experts give their views on training and explain the methods they use in their own companies.

The most important disadvantages:

The free course is intriguing, but it’s not as comprehensive as a paid program.

The high price of ECOM PRO may scare some people, in fact the program costs €1497 but you can get it for €997 by clicking below!

Benefit from a 30% reduction on the ECOM PRO price

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