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The secrets of the Lecher antenna: an essential tool for detecting harmful waves

Today, we are going to address a fascinating and sometimes little-known subject:Lecher antenna. This instrument has been used for decades to detect and measure harmful waves that we can encounter in our daily environment. Let’s learn more about this method and its applications.

What is the Lecher antenna?

The Lecher antenna was invented in 1890 by the Austrian physicist Ernst Lecher. It consists of a graduated metal rod, often foldable, and a slider allowing its length to be adjusted. Graduations are generally expressed in centimeters or millimeters. Some antennas also have a handle to make them easier to handle.

The Principe of fonctionment

The Lecher antenna works on the principle of electromagnetic resonance. When placed near a source of waves, the latter will induce an electric current in the metal rod. The length of the antenna being adjustable, it is possible to select a specific length corresponding to the resonance frequency of the desired wave.

By moving the cursor along the rod, we then observe a point where the amplitude of the induced current is maximum. This point corresponds to the resonance frequency of the detected wave, and thus makes it possible to identify its nature and intensity.

Applications of the Lecher antenna

The Lecher antenna has many applications in various fields. Here are a few :

  1. Geobiology: The Lecher antenna is often used by geobiologists to detect telluric and electromagnetic disturbances in homes or on building sites. These harmful waves are likely to harm the health of the occupants and must therefore be neutralized.
  2. Dowsing: Dowsing is a divinatory art based on the detection of subtle energies using different instruments including the Lecher antenna. In particular, it makes it possible to locate underground water sources, minerals or even lost objects.
  3. Energy medicine: Some alternative medicine practitioners use the Lecher antenna to carry out energy assessments and detect possible imbalances in the chakras or acupuncture meridians. They can then offer appropriate treatments to restore the patient’s energy balance.
  4. Scientific Research : Although controversial, the Lecher antenna is the subject of numerous studies and scientific work aimed at better understanding its operation and validating (or invalidating) its practical applications.

How to use the Lecher antenna to detect harmful waves?

Before you start using your Lecher antenna, it is essential to properly adjust it and familiarize yourself with its handling. Here are some tips to get started:

  • Choosing a quality antenna: There are several models of Lecher antennas on the market, but not all of them guarantee optimal precision. Opt for a reliable model recognized by professionals in the sector.
  • Learn how to handle the antenna: Good handling is essential to obtain reliable measurements. Hold the antenna firmly by its handle and adjust its length using the slider. Be careful not to touch the metal rod so as not to disrupt the measurements.
  • Focus on looking for specific waves: The Lecher antenna can detect a multitude of different waves, but it is best to focus on those that are likely to be present in your environment. For example, if you want to check the absence of waves linked to electrical networks, focus on the corresponding frequencies.
  • Take measurements in different directions: The waves emitted by a source can be more or less intense depending on the direction in which they propagate. It is therefore advisable to take measurements all around the source in question to obtain a reliable result.
  • Note the results obtained: To be able to correctly analyze and interpret your measurements, it is important to note them carefully in a notebook or computer file. Remember to indicate the date, time, location and weather conditions when taking each measurement.

With these tips in mind, you are now ready to detect the harmful waves around you with the Lecher antenna. Happy exploring!

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