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FBI Reveals Explosive View of Open Source AI’s Devastating Impact on Hacking! You will not believe your eyes !

The impact of open source AI on hacking: the FBI’s point of view

Hackers are increasingly using artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance their criminal activities. According to the FBI, they notably exploit open source AI models to trap Internet users.

Use of AI by cybercriminals

Cybercriminals use chatbots based on language models such as ChatGPT, Google Bard or Claude to facilitate their malicious activities. They manage to bypass security measures thanks to their expertise in the field.

The FBI has warned of the massive use of language patterns by the criminal community. However, he noticed that the AI ​​models most popular with Internet users are not the favorites of hackers.

Open source models, a tool favored by hackers

Hackers prefer to use free, customizable open source AI models rather than those controlled by companies. These models, accessible to everyone on the internet, can easily be used to generate illicit content.

It is also interesting to note that criminals use custom AI models developed by other hackers. On the dark web, there are many chatbots designed to generate illegal content.

The different uses of AI by cybercriminals

Hackers use AI to design phishing pages that imitate the interface of official platforms. They also exploit the capabilities of generative AI to create polymorphic viruses.

Additionally, they use deepfake technology to extort money from their victims. They generate fake images and videos to harass their victims.

The future of AI and hacking

The FBI predicts an increase in the criminal use of AI as the technology becomes more widely available. It is therefore essential to develop prevention and protection strategies to counter the malicious use of AI by hackers.

It is imperative to ensure responsible and ethical use of AI, while securing open source AI models and strengthening security measures to prevent manipulation.

Source: PCMag

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