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Disguise for advertising: find the best costumes on

Disguised advertising appears on the Internet

Advertising is present everywhere in our daily lives, whether on television, on the radio, in magazines or even on the Internet. In recent years, a new form of advertising has appeared on the web: disguised advertising.

What is disguised advertising?

Disguised advertising, also called native advertising, is distinguished from other forms of advertising by its ability to blend into the editorial content of a website. It comes in the form of an article, video or visual that looks like editorial content, but which in reality is an advertising message.

How does disguised advertising work?

Disguised advertising works by exploiting Internet users’ trust in editorial content. Advertisers create advertising content that looks like editorial content and place it on popular websites. So, when Internet users visit these sites, they are exposed to these advertising messages without even realizing it.

What are the advantages of disguised advertising?

Disguised advertising has several advantages for advertisers. First of all, it allows you to bypass advertising blockers, which are increasingly used by Internet users. By blending in with editorial content, disguised advertising is much less likely to be blocked.

In addition, disguised advertising is often better accepted by Internet users because it does not disrupt their browsing experience. By presenting itself as editorial content, it is perceived as more informative and less intrusive.

The limits of disguised advertising

Despite its advantages, disguised advertising also has limitations. First of all, it can be misleading for Internet users who do not realize that they are exposed to advertising. This can create confusion between editorial content and advertising content, which can be detrimental to the credibility of the media.

Additionally, disguised advertising can also be perceived as manipulative, as it seeks to influence internet users in subtle ways. Some consider this practice to be unethical because it exploits users’ trust for commercial purposes.


Disguised advertising is a new form of advertising that is increasingly developing on the Internet. By blending into editorial content, it allows advertisers to bypass ad blockers and reach Internet users in a more discreet way. However, this practice raises ethical questions and can mislead users. It is therefore important to be aware of the presence of disguised advertising and not to confuse editorial content with advertising content.

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