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Planet Hoster Reviews

The possession of a website is nowadays essential for companies, bloggers, as well as for people who want to launch themselves in the world of e-commerce. And here, an important concern surfaces: which host to choose for your website? Proven for more than 10 years, PlanetHoster is today among the best web hosting companies offering quality services to its customers. It provides its customers with several offers, with many advantages. It is fully compatible with the installation of WordPress software and Woocommerce plug-in.

Description of PlanetHoster


PlanetHoster ranks today among the best web hosting companies such as 02swicth, and Hotsinger. Founded in 2007, this web hosting company has more than 40,000 users and hosts more than 100,000 websites. This is justified by the quality of services provided by the latter to its customers, who in turn make no effort to renew their trust. Indeed, to satisfy its customers, PlanetHoster uses the latest and most powerful technologies on the market to power its network. For example, in order to guarantee the functionality of its server in full time, the host uses the SC900 technology.

 It is also in partnership with the famous Dell network which allows it to guarantee a stable operation of its servers. Note that this host has four Datacenters which are mainly based in France and Canada and provides its services in more than 170 states of the planet. Moreover, this hosting company is completely independent in terms of energy consumption. Indeed, PlanetHoster uses hydroelectric dams. This allows it to contribute to the ecology of the planet and to ensure the power supply of its servers at all times.

PlanetHoster holds accreditations from several regulatory centers like Afnic, Swicth, ICANN, LDNS, etc. It also holds ISO 50001, TIER III, PCI-DSS, and many other certifications. This is proof that it operates legally and has the necessary resources to provide such services. In addition, PlanetHoster is affiliated with the relevant institutions, giving it the right to defend its customers in case of disputes with web authorities.

What types of hosting does PlanetHoster offer?

To host your site, the first thing you have to do is to identify the type of hosting you want to opt for. There are four main types of hosting. You will have the choice between shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting or Cloud hosting. Each type of hosting has its own specificities.

  • Shared hosting : With this type of hosting, the resources on the servers housing the sites are shared by several people. It groups sites that do not experience a peak in traffic. The disadvantage with this type of hosting is that when the volume of traffic is very high on one of the sites on the server, the loading speed of the other sites is completely reduced.
  • VPS hosting VPS Hosting: VPS hosting is based on the technology of servers created virtually on physical servers. Although this type of server is expensive, it is a good value for money. Unlike the shared server, a VPS server can only host a well-defined number of sites. Moreover, VPS servers are well protected in order to avoid the inconveniences that could be caused by external attacks. The big advantage with this type of server is that you have the possibility to entrust its management to your host or a provider. To do this, a managed VPS server is the best choice you can make.
  • Dedicated hosting Dedicated hosting offers great advantages. It allows you to exploit all the resources of your server as well as to customize its use. With this type of hosting, you won't have to complain about security issues or even slow loading of your websites. Just like VPS servers, dedicated servers can be managed. The disadvantage with the dedicated server is that it is difficult to make optimal use of it.
  • Cloud hosting Cloud hosting is the best of the other types of hosting. Unlike other types of hosting, cloud hosting has several servers for its operation. This helps to alleviate the problem of slow sites in case of high traffic. Indeed, to manage high traffic, websites can exploit the resources of other servers to be much more accessible despite the traffic peak.

The different offers proposed by PlanetHoster

Planethoster offers its customers three main packages: the World lite package, the World package and the HybridCloud package. The choice of your offer depends mainly on the use you would like to make of it, as each of them has its own advantages.

The World lite offer

The main offer that differentiates PlanetHoster from other hosting companies is the World lite offer. Indeed, thanks to this offer, PlanetHoster offers to its users a free hosting of their website. The advantage with this offer is that even though it is free, it does not flood your workspace with ads. Nevertheless, the features are limited.

PlanetHoster's free offer gives you only 750 MB of storage space. This disk space is small enough to support a large website project. Nevertheless, this type of hosting is useful for small websites, and why not ideal for a start! Also, by subscribing to this offer, you will benefit from :

  • two FTP accounts;
  • unlimited traffic;
  • two email accounts;
  • two MySQL databases;
  • an SSL certificate;
  • of the site Builder for the creation of your web pages;
  • a domain name, two sub-domains and ;
  • a CMS installer.

Moreover, note that this offer allows you to have at your disposal more than 180 CMS that can help you in the creation of your website. You will also have the privilege to choose the datacenter that will host your website. But of course the free offer will not allow you to benefit from the full potential of this host! You will have to resort to the paid offers to benefit from the numerous advantages of this last one.

The World offer


The World is the second offer proposed by PlanetHoster to its customers. Still called shared web hosting, this offer allows you to host several websites. It is used by most of PlanetHoster customers because of its many advantages. Indeed, the activation of this offer allows you to benefit from a resource of 8CPU, 16 GB RAM, and 16 Mb/s I/O for the creation of your accounts. This means that this offer allows you to create a maximum of eight hosting accounts. However, there is a maximum load that must be respected when you decide to base all your web installations on a single account. The capacity of your installation should not exceed the margin of 8CPU, 24 GB RAM and 24 Mb/s.

But in case you decide to spread your sites over several hosting accounts, you must make sure to respect the minimum margin of 1 CPU, 1 GB RAM, 1 Mb/s I/O per hosting account. You will then be able to create as many sites as you want on each account. Here are some of the features you will benefit from when you subscribe to The World offer:

  • unlimited storage space
  • access to CMS (Joomla, Drupal,WordPress, Prestashopetc.);
  • bandwidth ;
  • several programming languages (PHP, Node.js, Python, Rudyetc.)
  • possibility to install unlimited sites;
  • unlimited email accounts;
  • SSL certificate ;
  • Sites Builder for the creation of your sites' pages;
  • nearly 1000 IP addresses, etc.

Note that to increase the performance of your sites, PlanetHoster offers a few additional options. These are the private WHIOS, the use of LiteSpeed and LS Cache. This allows you to boost the loading time of your sites, but at the cost of 2 euros per month. Also, like the free offer, you will have the privilege to choose your datacenter between France and Canada. Nevertheless, it would be good for you to opt for a higher subscription for more flexibility.

The HybridCloud offer

PlanetHoster HybridCloud is the most advantageous offer of this hosting companybut the most expensive. It allows you to exploit the full potential of the resources available to this host. To subscribe to this offer, you will need to provide at least 49,99 euros per month. The type of hosting proposed by this offer includes dedicated and cloud servers. This type of offer is ideal for hosting your large website creation projects.

In fact, it offers you the possibility of having up to 32 isolated accounts or 32 CPUs, which can host an unlimited number of websites. Also, the storage offered with the subscription of this offer is 16 TB, and 256 GB of RAM. With this offer, you will benefit from an unlimited database and traffic. In case of high traffic on your websites, PlanetHoster provides you with the feature AutoPeakPower to avoid your server being affected by the traffic peak. Here are some of the features you will benefit from by opting for this offer:

  • anti-virus software;
  • PHP ;
  • cPanel;
  • Firewall ;
  • Email;
  • Anti-DDOS;
  • MySQL ;
  • KMV;
  • Firewall ;
  • SSL Certificate;
  • Apache, etc.

For an optimal use of its services, PlanetHoster takes care of monitoring its equipment, but also the protection of its system. This guarantees a stable operation of its servers as well as the protection of its software against malicious attacks.

How does PlanetHoster perform?

Now that you have an idea of the offerings of this web host, it is time for you to find out the performance of the latter. Indeed, to choose your web host, factors such as the loading speed of the sites it hosts, the security of the users' data, and many others are to be learned.

The speed of loading of the sites

Connection speed is one of the important qualities that characterize the reliability of a web hosting company. This is the main reason why PlanetHoster does not set any limits on its bandwidth and traffic of the sites it hosts. According to the opinions of some users of this hostPlanetHoster has an excellent loading quality of its websites. Indeed, PlanetHoster has its own internet network. This allows it to ensure the stability of its services and at the same time offers a better user experience to its customers, because the bandwidth it has is large enough to handle all the traffic.

Server security

Before choosing a web host, it is important that you check the security level of its system. And on this point, PlanetHoster is the best host you can use to guarantee the security of your sites' data. Note that PlanetHoster makes no effort to equip its systems with the most powerful software with their latest updates. In fact, in addition to the security system set up by the host, you benefit from the ClamV type protection and IP extensions.

In addition to that, you will need to be authenticated by Google to access your hosting space. On the other hand, note that this host proceeds to the automatic backup of all data on its servers daily. This allows them to restore user data in case of major incidents or problems. Of course this is only a pledge of confidence to the users!

What use for WordPress and Woocommerce on PlanetHoster?

If you are in the ecommerce business, you will necessarily need an efficient web host to guarantee good sales. Thanks to its reliability and performance, PlanetHoster is the best host you can use to succeed in your online business. Indeed, to set up your online store, you need to use several tools.

Among them, we can mention the Woocommerce plugin. This plugin will be of great use to you especially if you want to start dropshipping. However, the use of the latter must necessarily take by installing the software WorpPress. Thanks to PlanetHoster, you can easily install your Word Press on your site in just a few clicks. Note that for any online store, optimization is a determining factor in the visibility of the latter.

 Even if the quality of the content of your web pages plays an important role in the SEO of your site, you should know that the speed of loading of the site also constitutes a pan for its optimization. Thanks to the high quality hosting services offered by PlanetHoster, you can easily increase the visibility of your websites in search engines.

The advantages of PlanetHoster

The main advantages of using PlanetHoster are: the domain name that its users enjoy, its ease of use as well as the reactive technical support it offers. In fact, subscribing to one of the paid offers gives you the right to a free domain name for life. In addition, this hosting company provides you with different extensions such as .com, .fr, .net, .org, etc.

Moreover, the interface of the hosting platform is easy to use. To this end, PlanetHoster provides its customers with two types of interfaces, namely: the cPanel and the interface Word Panel. The interface cPanel is the most recommended, as it is more advanced than the Word Panel. Don't forget that it is also important to make sure that your web host's support is responsive before you choose them.

And on this point, PlanetHoster offers the privilege to its customers to answer their concerns at any time. For this purpose, three means of communication are available to them. These are the live chat, the phone line and the contact by e-mail ! But note that it is impossible to benefit from this privilege by subscribing to the free offer of this host. You will have to subscribe to the The World VIP to benefit from this advantage.

Payment methods available on PlanetHoster

PlanetHoster provides its customers with several payment methods to facilitate access to its services. The latest innovation brought by this host in its payment system is that it is now possible to pay for its services through crypto-currencies. The crypto-currencies used by the latter are the bitcointhe Skrill and the Moneybookers. For more security in transactions, PlanetHoster also uses payment by PayPal. Payments by bank card and MasterCard are also made available for activation of the services of this host.

What other features does PlanetHoster have?

With PlanetHoster, you have the possibility to customize your email. However, this comes at a cost. You will need to provide at least 1,98 euro per month including VAT. The price of this feature varies depending on the number of email addresses you want to customize. You can also choose the VPN package offered by PalnetHoster at 10,99 euros per month. Indeed, this option allows users to bypass the restrictions in certain states for access to the platform. It also allows you to browse anonymously under the cover of an IP address from France or Canada. Note that the use of a VPN is recommended by the host, as it allows you to benefit from certain advantages.

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