Volkswagen is revolutionizing the automobile industry with artificial intelligence: Find out how!

How Volkswagen is using artificial intelligence to revolutionize the automotive industry

Volkswagen, the German car manufacturer, recently announced the creation of an “AI Lab”, which will be a global center of expertise and incubation for developing new product ideas. Volkswagen’s goal is to give digital products based on artificial intelligence (AI) a central place in its strategy.

Infotainment and navigation applications optimized with AI

As part of this initiative, Volkswagen plans to develop new infotainment and navigation applications, as well as advanced features for its vehicles using AI. For example, the manufacturer wants to optimize the charging cycles of electric vehicles using AI, and offer predictive maintenance services to improve the lifespan of vehicles.

An artificial intelligence laboratory for innovation

The AI ​​Lab will not only identify product ideas, it will also work on rapid prototype creation. Although it will not produce mass-produced models, this laboratory will play a vital role as an incubator for the Volkswagen Group.

Going beyond cars to deliver real added value

Volkswagen wants to go beyond simply manufacturing cars to offer real added value to its customers. The manufacturer plans in particular to set up integration systems with customers’ infrastructures, such as their homes, in order to create smart homes connected to their vehicles.

Artificial intelligence to improve the driver experience

The creation of the AI ​​Lab clearly demonstrates that Volkswagen is banking on artificial intelligence to revolutionize the automobile industry. This technology will improve the driver experience and provide advanced features in vehicles.


By investing in artificial intelligence, Volkswagen wants to revolutionize the automobile industry. Thanks to the creation of the AI ​​Lab, the German manufacturer intends to develop new product ideas based on AI and coordinate them internally. This initiative will enable Volkswagen to offer its customers an enhanced driving experience and advanced features in its vehicles.