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Capcut, Twitch and Premiere Pro captivated by the explosive launch of TikTok’s Direct Post API!

A revolution in the digital world: TikTok’s Direct Post API

Social media giant TikTok has just unveiled its new content publishing API called Direct Post. This innovation will allow users to share content on TikTok from other platforms, eliminating barriers between different social networks.

With Direct Post, users will be able to post videos directly from third-party platforms, and soon, they will also be able to share photos. This feature goes beyond previous integrations, such as Share to TikTok, by giving users the ability to customize captions, audience settings, and more.

Additionally, creators will have the ability to schedule longer videos through Direct Post using social media management platforms. Previously, videos had to be saved as drafts in the TikTok app, but this new feature provides more flexibility and control to creators.

Prestigious partnerships and an audit procedure

To take advantage of the benefits of Direct Post, creators will need to connect to an approved third-party platform. A rigorous audit process is put in place to guarantee the quality of TikTok partners.

Numerous partnerships have already been announced, notably with Adobe (Premiere Pro and Adobe Express), Twitch (Clip Editor), DaVinci Resolve and SocialPilot. Direct Post also integrates with CapCut, ByteDance’s video editing solution.

Deepa Subramaniam, vice president of Creative Cloud marketing at Adobe, highlights the importance of this API for creators. According to her, it will enable content to be produced more quickly and without interruption to the creative workflow.

A promising future for digital creativity

This innovation marks a major shift in the way creators interact with TikTok. Direct Post opens up new possibilities and offers limitless creative freedom.

Sharing content across platforms is changing, and TikTok is at the forefront of this exciting evolution. Are you ready to dive into this new digital era with TikTok?