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France says stop to Amazon: end of “everything free” for online book deliveries, discover the new rules!

Regulations aimed at combating unfair competition

To restore fairness between online commerce giants and independent bookstores, France has decided to put in place new regulations concerning delivery costs for book orders. From now on, only orders over €35 will benefit from reduced delivery costs.

This regulation, which will come into force on October 7, 2023, sets a minimum amount of delivery costs at €0.01.

The impact on Amazon Prime users

Until now, Amazon Prime subscribers received free shipping on books, which was one of the main attractions of this subscription. However, with the new regulations, Amazon Prime members will now have to pay shipping costs for their book purchases.

This decision could result in a loss of subscribers for Amazon, especially after recent price increases.

The reaction of Amazon and Fnac

Faced with this measure, companies like Amazon and Fnac reacted by applying the minimum authorized delivery costs, i.e. €0.01. However, this only concerns orders over €35.

For orders under €35, a minimum delivery fee of €3 will now be required on the main online platforms. This change should make local bookstore offers more competitive compared to online purchases.

Amazon’s arguments to justify free delivery costs on books

Since the beginning of discussions on book delivery costs, Amazon has always emphasized that free deliveries contribute, at least in part, to compensate for the absence of local bookstores in certain rural areas or areas lacking this type of business.

The end of free book delivery costs could therefore have an impact on these already disadvantaged areas.

The future of independent bookstores and the book market

  • Better equity between large platforms and small local businesses: previously, giants like Amazon could put local bookstores in difficulty by offering attractive delivery costs, but this will no longer be the case with the new measure.
  • Consumers potentially more inclined to support local businesses: faced with similar delivery costs, some buyers may prefer to turn to independent booksellers rather than going through online platforms.
  • An uncertain impact on the online sale of books: this measure could encourage local commerce, but it could also encourage consumers to turn to other media (digital books, audio, etc.) or to consolidate their purchases to reach the threshold of €35 and benefit from reduced delivery costs.

In summary, the new regulations on delivery costs for book orders in France aim to protect independent bookstores and promote fairer competition. However, only time will tell us whether these measures will have a real positive impact on the book market and small local businesses.