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How to create a site on Shopify?

How to create a Shopify store?

To create a site on Shopify Free, you can use a free or paid theme. The process of creating and customizing your site is simplified with the demo theme. If you want to use a paid theme, you can start with the 14-day free trial. Once you have chosen the theme for your site, you can start customizing it.

Customizing your Shopify site is done using the theme builder. With Theme Builder, you can edit all content areas of your site, starting with text, images, videos, and backgrounds. You can also change the colors and typography of your site.

The Theme Builder is a tool that allows you to modify your theme code directly from your store. You can add fonts, backgrounds, buttons and any other customization elements to your site.

You can also use Theme Builder to edit pages for a free or paid theme.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an online platform that allows you to host your e-commerce site and manage it easily. The interface is user-friendly and allows anyone to create an online sales site, even if they have no computer skills. The subscription is paid, but the service is quality.

Shopify is SaaS software. This means that it is online, and you can access it at any time. It is normally used to create e-commerce sites for individuals or professionals. You can have a product sales site, but also a reservation or subscription site, everything is possible. Once your site is created, you can sell your products online and carry out marketing activities.

The service is in French. After signing up for a subscription, you can simply log in and start building your site. Once it is created, you can put it online and manage it on a daily basis. Shopify also offers online payment solutions, as well as inventory management solutions. You can therefore centralize all of your activities on this platform.

To create a site on Shopify, you must start by purchasing a subscription. Shopify offers different subscriptions, ranging from $29 to $299 per month. The smallest subscription, at $29, is very limited, it does not allow you to add products for free, nor to benefit from all the commercial management options. The $299 package is the most complete, and allows you to benefit from all the features of the platform.

Once subscribed, you can create your site. Simply log in to your Shopify account and access the creation interface. Then you choose a template, and you start customizing it. You can add products, images, texts, videos, as well as links to your social networks, to publicize and promote your site. Once your site is created, you can put it online and start selling your products online.

The advantages of Shopify are numerous. The first thing is that you can create your site without special computer knowledge. You create your site in just a few clicks, and you can modify it just as easily. You can then manage your site on a daily basis, add products, manage your catalog, and track your sales. The platform offers other interesting services, such as inventory management, online payment solutions, marketing modules, etc. It is therefore possible to do everything online, and to centralize all of your activities on Shopify.

The downsides of Shopify are few. The main thing is that the platform is paid. You have to take out a subscription to be able to create a site, and these subscriptions are relatively expensive. The smallest subscription is $29 per month, and it is very limited. You must therefore subscribe to the full package to be able to have all the features. It is therefore an investment to take into account when you create your site, but you are assured of being able to sell your products online without worries.

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