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Greenbull Campus review of their training programs!

GreenBull is a French start-up that uses cutting-edge technologies to develop better goods and services. The organization, which counts twelve brands and companies among its members, promotes financial education among individuals and strives to help them improve their purchasing power through the use of its offers and products. We notably find Yann Darwin who shares his experience but also many experts in many fields.

The origins of Greenbull

Greenbull was founded in 2011 by a group of friends who wanted to share their passion for improving people’s lives and pursuing a sustainable future.

They started a private equity firm to invest in a biotechnology company specializing in cancer treatment while they were still students. Guillaume Monges, Jean-Guillaume Deiss and Benoit Martin, who met on a university bench in Canada, are not afraid of taking out personal loans. They then turned to a consumer loan in order to meet the minimum investment requirement for this first equity investment. This first entrepreneurial effort, in which they put all their money, will fail and make them stronger as a result.

Greenbull understood from the start that technological development is a powerful mechanism to improve everyone’s lives, and therefore set up an R&D project on algorithmic trading.

A dizzying pace of progress

Since its inception, Greenbull has gained valuable expertise and specialist knowledge in private equity through interaction with experienced and seasoned partners. The number of members of the organization increased and, after years of recruitment, it ended up integrating Brice Roehrig and Jérôme Lejeune, who were also active in the field.

The Greenbull Group was established in late 2017, and has since grown rapidly. When we have a common vision and a common cause, human chemistry naturally occurs around a shared goal and the desire to do better. The third member of the team is Yann-Loïc Chort, who later joined the team for good measure. Greenbull, unlike start-ups, was created after seven years of growth and maturation.

To make a difference, be different.

By defining its own model, Greenbull sets itself apart from existing standards and stands out. The Greenbull Group believes in the power of a “collective brain” to be more efficient and more agile. He therefore surrounds himself with individuals who complement each other to create and share a vision of the business project. The combination of unique skills organized around a common objective produces a particularly positive development dynamic.

The Greenbull Group has chosen to deviate from the typical group governance model, generally composed of one, two or three partners, and has opted for a complementary mix of profiles.

The group’s structure is therefore based on a horizontal organization and on the synergy between its different partners, each of whom has distinct and complementary talents.

Greenbull Group’s management team has chosen to remain private since 2011, rejecting a VC and having to forgo a large portion of the money.

The six participants in the joint venture were convinced that their strength came from a “collective brain”, a shared vision and a convergent energy. They were opposed to the dilution of the capital which they still retain today, i.e. 93% of the capital.

A start-up that defies norms

This decidedly unusual group, which is reinventing the standard start-up model, is driven by a singular belief: people can live better lives and have more personal freedom if the economy works for them, not against them. Unity, vision and enthusiasm for entrepreneurship are the driving forces of this resolutely extraordinary collective. The Greenbull Group, which consists of a constellation of start-ups, calls itself “anti-start-up” in terms of its corporate governance, management of the business model and the way it manages its money.

The unique character of the group is due to the fact that the organizations that make it up are structured like a start-up.

The ultimate goal of a business is to be profitable: this is the exact opposite reasoning to that of start-ups.

This group, concerned with profitability since its creation, does not want to waste money irresponsibly. There is no race to raise funds or raise the profile of this unusual group, which sits in the relatively uncommon realm of successful companies. The amount of liquidity requested is reasonable, and is the bare minimum required to deploy more money and accelerate development. The group’s goal of increasing profits is also essential to improve its goods and services to satisfy customers. This “frugality” is not to displease investors.

Because it requires less funds and does not need to rely on large investors, the Greenbull Group has a head start in seeking private investors.

This approach reduces the time needed to create a fundraiser, reduces the number of people to convince and eliminates administrative paperwork when due diligence procedures can take months. Greenbull’s decision to adopt a targeted marketing approach put the company in a strong position to respond and adapt quickly.

The Greenbull group has managed to grow its team (70 at present) while increasing its revenues and maintaining its profitability by breaking with the usual logic of start-ups. In a time where it has never been easier to get money, many companies believe that by hiring 100 people they will automatically be able to generate cash. Greenbull uses a low-risk approach by defining an activity before hiring and then raising capital, with each resource provided serving as an engine of growth.


Independent and cumulative activities

Greenbull Group, unlike 99% of start-ups that have focused on a single business, has sought to build overlapping businesses that can be run simultaneously (trading, insurance, financial education, real estate and business).

Risk pooling is an excellent approach to strengthening multidisciplinary skills. Having several sources of income allows Greenbull to compensate for the shortcomings of one company with the help of another, to create synergy between them and to advocate transversality. A Thinkbig customer, for example, who is learning how to invest in real estate to generate additional income, may consider diversifying into the financial markets through TechX.

The Greenbull Group is fully aware of the dangers associated with dispersion and defocus, which is why it always has a well-researched plan with focus points and phasing procedures.

A wide range of activities

Greenbull Group is an innovative company that has created a comprehensive ecosystem and variety of alternative services that seek to disrupt existing paradigms so individuals can learn, diversify their skills and make connections.

Greenbull sought to democratize trading by making the once elitist field, reserved for professionals, available to individuals with ARYA.

It is the only complete trading ecosystem that includes, in addition to support, semi-automatic ARYA trading algorithm technology created by TechX. The solution, which took more than seven years to develop, executes hundreds of pre-programmed and automated situations for customers.

In order to educate consumers about real estate investment and income diversification, ThinkBig delivers an online training program on on four major levers of profitability (real estate, finance, taxation and trading) via its new Greenbull platform. Campus.

Ease and simplicity are the essence of this edutech’s strategy, which consists of educating and guiding new or experienced real estate investors on the path to financial success of their real estate projects by following them over time. Yann-Loïc Chort (aka Yann Darwin), the founder of the Academy of Profitable Investors (renamed “Building a Real Estate Business”), offers an excellent real estate curriculum that includes over 60 hours of video lessons in which he addresses the subject .

As a result, the company is expanding its cross-functional approach by allowing investors to co-invest in highly successful real estate projects through its specialized investor platform. The majority of these activities are now located in France, Portugal, Dubai, New York and Colorado in the United States.

It is also with this transversal method that the Greenbull Group launched the BIFF (Business Real Estate Finance Festival), the first and only French gathering for those who wish to invest in real estate.

The event, which focuses on real estate, business, finance, management, investment and entrepreneurship, aims to provide different stakeholders with the opportunity to generate opportunities and network connections.

With a renowned headliner, the next edition of the Festival will offer expert speeches, specialist interventions, round tables, meetings and discussions. Idriss Aberkane, Oussama Ammar, Philippe Croizon, Yann Darwin, Rodolphe and Xavier (independent traders), Philippine Dolbeau, Jean-Guillaume

Alongside these investor-related activities, Greenbull also wanted to reach a market that is largely underrepresented in the startup world: older adults.

The objective: to use new technologies to help them gain purchasing power and improve their standard of living. Greenbull asked Santors, an insurance broker specializing in seniors, to take a different approach. By using digital levers and promoting direct contact with its customers, Greenbull has chosen to do things differently by employing Santors

Focus and opinions on Greenbull Campus training

Anxious to constantly provide qualitative and personalized advice, last year Greenbull Group made many improvements and modifications to their training programs.

Including a complete renaming of the programs but also a complete overhaul of their platform with Greenbull campus.

This company completely breaks the rules thanks to the coaching you benefit from when you buy one of their training courses 100% on the web. Learners can therefore benefit from personalized advice by asking their questions to expert coaches on the private Facebook group, particularly on the legal aspect, which is an indisputable asset.

The training offered by the group is almost all financeable via the CPF and QUALOPI certified, so it is an organization you can turn to if you want to change jobs!

Valuation of customer capital

Greenbull’s success is due to its model, which takes advantage of the pooling of its operations, and it has undoubtedly demonstrated a significant capacity to remonetize consumers and reduce acquisition costs.

The Greenbull group provides quality services so that its clients become prescribers of group activities to other potential clients. The group has also developed sponsorship networks as part of its virtuous circle strategy thanks to a department dedicated to this activity.

The first step towards globalization would be the opening of the foreign market.

At the start of 2020, the major challenge for the Greenbull group will be to launch its flagship ARYA service globally, starting with North America.

Recognizing the enormous global potential of the ARYA trading network, significant expansion is already underway in the United States, which is a very large market for trading and investing in financial markets. The organization is also conducting a survey of possible future locations to expand its horizons, as well as neighboring European nations like the United Kingdom and all other Northern European countries. In the very short term, openings are being considered in Asia, while investigations have also been carried out in neighboring regions of North America.

Strengthen its presence in France

The French market, which is a particularly difficult and complex market, and with an unstable economic climate for more than a year, has been simply spectacular for GreenBull. The Greenbull Group is keen to expand into simpler markets, building on its recent success in a difficult market. The Greenbull Group is enthusiastic about continuing to increase its presence in France, where the activity has seen significant development. The organization has tripled its revenue over the past two years and now has more than 70 workers.

The new strategy will include not only an increased focus on the BtoC sector, but also a desire to compete in the BtoB market. The Greenbull group, which has until now focused on BtoC activity, now aims to establish itself as a leader in this field.

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